Ain't No Wiki (anw)

This wiki-like content management system (anw) is my latest programming project. It is based on the Django framework for Python.

There are project pages on SourceForge (obsolete) and LaunchPad. If you would like to contribute (by coding or reporting bugs), please visit the project homepage on LaunchPad. There you can find further help, too.


  • anw combines the features of wiki and content management systems.
    • Pages are edited in HTML with TinyMCE.
    • Pages are arranged in a tree structure.
    • File uploads are comfortable.
  • anw offers additional tags and keyword search for navigation in the system.
  • anw is designed to support HTTPS (Admin Interface and other critical pages).
  • anw includes some JS-libraries for a fancy look & feel, e.g.:
  • anw is based on the Django framework.
    • Therefore the source code is quite compact and easy to read.
    • Therefore it is easy to expand.

System requirements

  • A webserver, e.g. Apache2
  • A database, e.g. MySQL
  • Python 2.5 or higher
  • Recent version of Python Django (≥ 1.6.0)
  • Python Imaging Library


The latest stable and development releases are now available on Use the Bazaar version control system to check the sources out of the repo. If you are interested in the more experimental version try the trunk branch.


Installation instructions for AnW
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