Some time ago I was asked by a non-expert, if I could help set up the new DSL wireless router. As the title suggests this person had Windows Vista running on his laptop.

After plugging in everything I had an Internet connection via a LAN cable. In order to work efficient I did set up the wireless AP like the old one: same SSID and the same WPA2 PSK password, where the router suggested to use an AES encryption in combination with WPA2.

And now began the problems: This guy had a printer with WiFi support. This printer and my Android mobile had no problem connecting to the new wireless AP. It worked out of the box. Only Windows Vista was unable to connect. There was no reason what so ever. Until I got a hunch:

F*cking Windows Vista knows that there is something that is called AES encryption, but Vista is UNABLE to actually use it!

So I had to change the WPA2 encryption algorithm to TKIP. After I finally figured this out I got a working wirless connection and a very disturbing error message.

Figure: Screenshot of a very disturbing Windows error message. if you wonder why the quality of the screenshot is poor: It took my hours to figure out the problem; I didn't want to bother myself any more with Vista than neccessary. Click to enlarge.