The last three days I spent in Amsterdam with two colleges of mine. Amsterdams a great, but expensive city where you can go to a coffee shop and say legally: "I'd like to buy some weed and smoke it."

As you can imagine my trip on two joints was fantastic. The way I experienced sound, contact and dream. Before I started the trip I had sadly the impression of smoking menthol cigarettes. After the first half of the first joint the smoke felt like barbwire travelling down my throat. But gladly this feeling vanished when the trip started. I have never had such an experience when sharing a joint with some friends of mine. So I can say, the only way to enjoy a joint is to smoke it alone (after having a good shot of Jameson whisky) and enjoy the trip quietly.

In short words the hole experience can be described as "WOW!"

Back to Amsterdam and "expensive": a beer (0.5l) costs about 4.50€ and more. But a glass of Jameson whisky (estimated 7-8cl) costs only 4.10€.
Can you imagine the extent of my trip???

But sadly my dear Lydia is in Austria so that I could not take her with me to Amsterdam. I would have been glad to share the experience with her...

Of course I did not miss her due to the sharing of the experience. I miss her every day when I go to bed alone, wake up alone and when I would like to cuddle or kiss her. :(

I am looking forward to the 10. of September when she is coming back from Austria.